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Updated: Jan 21

It is not a one-man game rather it requires teamwork and everyone regardless of age, gender, race, and religion to overcome the ongoing global pandemic. The government has relentlessly taken various interventions to curb the spread of COVID -19 and frontline workers have tirelessly sacrificed in treating those who have contracted the virus. However, the fight is still far from over and every citizen ought to take part to ensure we sail through.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and it is time the youth step up in battling the pandemic and taking active roles in ensuring the spread of the virus comes to a halt. Being responsible by taking care of parents, grandparents, and upholding self-discipline to ensure strict adherence to the government rules to the latter through refraining from late-night parties and indulgence in alcohol will prevent the virus spread.

The youth must stay informed and ensure those around them are also well informed about the virus through reading to deepen their knowledge and directing others to trusted information. This will go a long way to debunk myths and build resilience in one’s surroundings. Further, the youth ought to be at the forefront in observing social distancing, wearing masks, washing, and sanitizing hands; Through which they would be seen to lead by example and they should volunteer in sensitizing the public about the virus and the importance of adhering to the laid down government directives.

As we have had people making masks, ventilators as well as handwashing machines, the youth being the most energetic and with great potential, should seize the current moment by using their talents and innovative skills to educate the public as well as make inventions that will help curb the spread of the virus.

The youth should understand that this is not a time to sit and complain about the negative impacts triggered by the pandemic but time to reflect on the many opportunities emerging because of coronavirus. Instead of sitting and waiting for government intervention, the young generation needs to understand that their effort is required and what their participation will have the outcome.

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