Freedom Comes With Responsibility | YADA Group

Updated: Jan 21

Waking up to the bulletin of 44 missing teens traced to a house in Mountain View conducting orgies was indeed shocking to many Kenyans, especially parents. It was such an unimaginable incident to find young souls meant to be with their parents at home in an atmosphere filled with marijuana, bhang and cigarette smoke, alcohol bottles, condoms and all sorts of child polluting activities that corrupt a child’s mind. Having children travel from as far as Kericho and Machakos without their parent’s knowledge while others leaving their homes in the guise of going to study is a puzzle showing how morals are slowly being corroded.

It is high time parents create time to spend with their children, interact and monitor their activities online and offline. Many children have been initiated into child unbecoming behaviour through various social media platforms as in the case above where girls and boys between the age 11- 18 received an invite link on Instagram to attend the orgy party.

It is worrying how children nowadays get access to pornographic content and listen to illicit music unnoticed by parents and guardians.

With the prevailing trend, parents must shift their attention to children by ensuring that the freedom they give to their children is accompanied by responsibility.