Activities Youth Can Engage In 2021 | YADA Group

Updated: Jan 20

It is barely two weeks since we welcomed the year 2021. The previous year was one of its kind, full of challenges as the coronavirus spread through the entire globe within a couple of months, bringing everything to a standstill.

Every challenge comes with an opportunity and the youth ought to exploit their potential during this pandemic to make a living. We have witnessed individuals who have bettered their lives amid the pandemic through their innovativeness.

Each youth can prosper if they exploit the potential in them rightfully.

This year is also a political year in our country as we are on the eve of the 2022 elections. Previously, the youth were being used by politicians to perpetrate violence. Things should be different this year and the youth should shun from being used by politicians as agents of violence but be ambassadors of peace.

The youth should also use the money dished to them by politicians to empower themselves. Registering self-help groups and engaging in income-generating activities is the best way. For instance, if the youth can put together the money given to them by politicians and set up car wash centres, plant trees for sale, do agribusiness, poultry farming among many others, their lives will automatically change with less if not non engaging in criminal activities and drug abuse.

No matter the hustle anyone does, with hard work and determination success, is inevitable. All our youth should find anything legal to engage in this year to earn a living. Instead of depending on government and others, youth should empower themselves by creating employment opportunities for themselves.

The energy, skills and knowledge in our youth is a powerful weapon to sail them through the storms and challenges that we come across. If the youth tap the talents and potentials within them, in a short period, the success of our nation will be evident.