Niko kwa noma - neza bonga na nani?

Wewe au msee unajua ako kwa risk ya drug addiction au kuingiana na stori za ugaidi?


  • Enda kwa nearest health centre for immediate help

  • Tu SMS kwa 40847 

  • Contact NACADA au Citizen Support. Details ziko hapo down

Usijinyamazie. Tuko hapa juu yako!


Drug addiction is a complex problem that affects every aspect of an addict’s life. Overcoming it requires reaching out for support and making changes to the way one lives, deal with problems, and relate to others.

In case you are an addict or know someone, who is affected, do not go through this alone; Recovery is a journey, and one may be discouraged or and tempted to fall back.


NACADA liaises with both public and private institutions to provide and facilitate the development and operation of treatment and rehabilitation facilities, programs and standards for persons suffering from Substance Use Disorders (SUDs).


Educational programs for addiction counsellors; running of community-based prevention programs; advocacy for greater access to treatment; promotion of professionalism in the addiction field through strengthening and capacity building for treatment centres; and outpatient treatment.

Kenya Red Cross

KRCS works with communities, volunteers and partners to ensure we prepare for and respond to humanitarian and development needs.


Talk to a team of experts on disengagement, rehabilitation and reintergration from Citizen Support. They are available to assist you 27/7 through any possible means.


Strengthen coordination of national, regional, and international CVE efforts in Kenya to deliver alignment and the participation of citizens and groups in addressing the threat of radicalization into extremism by identifying and advertising emerging priorities and areas of work.

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